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“Psychiatry today” (“Psihijatrija danas”) is the official journal of the Psychiatric Association of Serbia, published twice a year. Between 1969 and 1975, the journal was issued by the name “Annals of the Center for Mental Health” (26 editions published).
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Prof. Dr Dušica Lečić-Toševski

Assistant Editors
Assist. Prof. Dr Smiljka Popović-Deušić
Assist. Prof. Dr Saveta Draganić-Gajić
Assist. Dr Milica Pejović-Milovančević

Editorial Board
S. Akhtar (Philadelphia)
J. Aleksandrowicz (Krakow)
M. Antonijević (Belgrade)
S. Bojanin (Belgrade)
M. Botbol (Paris)
S. Branković (Belgrade)
J. Bukelić (Belgrade)
G. N. Christodoulou (Athens)
R. Cloninger (St. Louis)
M. Divac-Jovanović (Belgrade)
S. Đukić-Dejanović (Kragujevac)
D. Ercegovac (Belgrade)
G. Grbeša (Niš)
V. Išpanović-Radojković (Belgrade),
V. Jerotić (Belgrade),
M. Jašović-Gašić (Belgrade)
A. Knežević (Novi Sad)
V. S. Kostić (Belgrade)
Z. Lopičić (Belgrade)
Ž. Martinović (Belgrade)
M. Munjiza (Belgrade)
J. E. Mezzich (New York)
M. Pejović (Belgrade)
D. Petrović (Belgrade)
M. Pines (London)
M. Popović (Belgrade)
S. Priebe (London)
M. Preradović (Belgrade)
M. Riba (Ann Arbor)
G. Rudolf (Heidelberg)
N. Sartorius (Geneva)
V. Starčević (New Castle)
A. Tasman (Louisville)
N. Tadić (Belgrade)
I. Timotijević (Belgrade)
S. Varvin (Oslo)
M. Vincent (Paris)
V. Šušić (Belgrade)
D. Švrakić (St. Louis)




Instructions to contributors

PSYCHIATRY TODAY is the official journal of the Psychiatric Association of Serbia. It is published twice a year and welcomes review articles, research papers, case reports, book reviews and letters to the editor.

Review articles should be written by one author only, unless the second author is not a psychiatrist. They should contain one’s own results already published and should not exceed 7500 words.

Research papers must be based on a research protocol and statistical evaluation of the findings is essential. They should not exceed 3000 words.

Case reports should include interesting clinical reports and description of cases where new diagnostic or therapeutic methods have been applied. They should not exceed 1500 words.

General articles may reflect opinion on theory and practice of psychiatry, on psychiatric services, on borderland between psychiatry and other disciplines, etc. They should not exceed 2000 words.

Special articles are most frequently invited articles concerning topics of special interest.

Book reviews contain critical reviews of selected books.

Letters to the editor – brief letters (maximum 400 words) may include comments or criticisms of articles published in Psychiatry Today, com¬ments on current psychiatric topics of importance, preliminary research reports, suggestions to the Editorial Board, etc.

Papers are accepted for publication on condition that they are not published or submitted for publication in the same form in another journal. Contributions (excluding the editorial and invited papers) are accepted for publication after double anonymous peer review. The published papers will be protected by copyright.

Authorized paper accepted for publishing should be accompanied by a filled out copyright form, if the paper was written by more than one author.

Paper manuscript and all attachments should be submitted in 3 copies, along with a diskette or a disc (CD) to the Editor at the following address: Professor Dusica Lecic-Tosevski, M.D., Ph.D., Psychiatry Today, Institute of Mental Health, Palmoticeva 37, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia or by e-mail:

The main author must state in their covering letter that the study has not been previously published and that the submitted paper is not under consideration elsewhere. The covering letter should be sent in a separate file. The paper must be written in Word for Windows and should include all tables, graphs and figures, possibly in the same file (at the end of the text).

When preparing manuscripts, authors should follow the instructions based on Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.


Articles must be typewritten, double-spaced on one side of the paper with a margin of at least 3.5 cm. All pages must be numbered, starting with the title page.

Title page should indicate the title of the paper (which should not exceed 12 words), the names and surnames of the authors, their academic titles, institutions where they work, as well as the name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the author in charge of correspondence.

Abstract (up to 300 words) should be sent on a separate, second page. It should include main facts from the paper, as well as 3-6 key words, selected based on Medical Subject Headings – MeSH (

Text should be divided into sections (e.g., for research papers: Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion). Results appearing in the tables should not be reported again in detail in the text.

Footnotes are not allowed in articles.

Tables, graphs and figures should be submitted on separate sheets of paper (at the end of the file), with an adequate heading and Arabic enumeration (Table 1). The desired position of the table relative to the text should be indicated in the text. Avoid vertical and horizontal lines in tables.

Abbreviations should only be used when necessary, and the full term for which it stands should precede its first use in the text. Abbreviations in tables and graphs must be explained in the key to abbreviations.

Acknowledgement: List all persons who contributed to the creation of the manuscript, but do not meet the criteria for authorship (e.g. technical help, help in writing etc.). Also list the financial and material support (sponsor, scholarship, equipment, drugs etc.).

References: The list of references should include only the publications cited in the text. They should be identified in the text by Arabic numerals in square brackets in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text (Vancouver style –, e.g. Kernberg [1] states that…

Abbreviations of journals should conform to the style used in Index Medicus (journal database listed at Journals not indexed there should not be abbreviated. After journal abbreviations use the dot. When citing pages, cite the beginning page. and end page without the repeating number/s (e.g. from 274 p. to 278 p. is written 274-8).

In references with up to six authors, all the authors must be listed. In references with more than six authors, list first six authors and et al.

1) Journal article: Parkin DM, Clayton D, Black RJ, Masuyer E, Friedl HP, Ivanov E, et al. Childhood leukaemia in Europe after Chernobyl: 5 year follow-up. Br J Cancer 1996; 73:1006-12.
2) Book chapter: Kernberg O. Neuroses, psychoses and borderline states. In: Kalpan HL, Sadock BJ (eds). Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, vol. IV. Baltimore, London: Williams and Wilkins; 1985. p.621–630.
3) Book: Segal H. Introduction to the work of Melanie Klein. 2nd ed. New York: Basic Books, Inc., Publishers; 1974.
4) Unpublished material (in press): Leshner AI. Molecular mechanisms of cocaine addiction. N Engl J Med. In press 1996.
5) Electronic journal article: Morse SS. Factors in the emergence of infectious diseases. Emerg Infect Dis [serial online] 1995 Jan-Mar [cited 1996 Jun 5];1(1):[24 screens]. Available from: URL:

Submission of articles

Along with the printed text, articles should be also submitted by e-mail ( or on a Windows compatible CD or DVD. CD/DVD should only contain the file to be published. The printed copy of the article should correspond exactly to the version on the disc. The text must be written in a word processor (Word), in Times New Roman. Tables, graphs and figures often need to be created again, so their printed copy should also be provided. The disc will be returned with the letter.


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